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Admiral Theatre

A 1942 movie house located in Bremerton, Washington.

Admiral Theatre is a 1942 movie house located in Bremerton, Washington, that currently operates as Kitsap County’s premier live entertainment and events venue. PNTA has long serviced the Admiral Theater, and when it became necessary to replace their grand curtain and valence, it was obvious who to call.

Type of Work: Drapery

Our solution? The final scope of the project expanded to include a new stage skirt to hide the orchestra pit, doorway curtains at the entrances to the balcony, and most challenging, fifty completely custom railing covers to be deployed throughout the space. Each individual railing was carefully measured and the cover tailored for an exact fit. In addition to providing new drapery, PNTA was also engaged to repair the existing scrim and legs. When time came for the install, PNTA was working in a highly compressed time frame, due to delays resulting from other contractors on site. PNTA made the best of the situation and scheduled our own team for longer shifts each day, to make the most of the time we still had available in the master construction schedule. The fifty individual railing covers all fit beautifully from the start, thanks to the care that went into their design and execution. PNTA finished on time and on budget.

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