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Princess Theatre

A Theatre in Prosser, Washington In-need After Smoke Damage

After a devastating fire that took place next door, The Princess Theater in Prosser, Washington needed to replace all of its custom-built curtains as they were rendered unusable due to excessive smoke damage. 


PNTA worked with the team at The Princess Theater from the very beginning of the process by providing estimates to assist with budget approval and conducting field surveys to confirm measurements before beginning production.


We constructed the new drapes in our Seattle workshop, as we are proud to be the only theatrical soft goods manufacturer in Washington State. 


All of our drapes are now synthetic and inherently flame retardant, which means they do not need to be re-treated to comply with the fire marshal’s current requirements.


Our crew installed and trimmed out on-site to ensure the perfect fit, particularly important for masking,  which blocks light leakage onstage.


Watch the video to learn more about the challenges The Princess Theater faced and how working with PNTA helped them overcome those challenges so could get back to serving their community. 

Type of Work: Drape

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