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University Heights Center

A 1920s wood-framed community center located in Seattle.

The Auditorium at UHeights is a newly-renovated performing arts space. With original wood floors from its construction in 1902 and vintage chalkboards lining the walls, PNTA was asked to help create a performance space that kept the charm of the historic building while enhancing its capabilities. 


Our solution? PNTA worked with the community center’s building engineer to establish the best installation solution for the space. PNTA re-blocked the rafters to prevent roll and used Unistrut and all-thread to drop down through the ceiling to the room below. The Unistrut track for the curtain valance includes custom curve pieces in the corners of the room. PNTA also recommended and installed a schedule 40 1 1/2” pipe grid for the new lighting positions. The intrusion through the ceiling of the historic building is seamless.

Light-blocking curtains (the color chosen to closely match the sheer curtains already installed in the space) were installed along the windows, allowing staff to open or close the curtains depending on the lighting needs for the performance.  

The client wanted a video solution that allowed for projection against a projection screen installed over the stage as well as a projection screen installed the next wall over.  PNTA carefully selected screen sizes for each wall that would work well with a single ceiling-mounted projector, requiring only that the projector be refocused after each 90° turn.

The audio system installed into the space needed to accommodate a variety a uses, from yoga classes and dance to plays and live music.  PNTA installed a wall unit for users to plug in their iPod or phone and control the volume. The audio system can also easily accept input from an audio mixer for more advanced users.

For control of the lighting system, PNTA realized that many users of the space would be community members and volunteers. Simplicity of operation would be key.  For that reason, PNTA opted for a ColorSource Console from ETC.  The built-in training videos made it easy for new users to get up and running quickly while still allowing for the fine control of moderately complex lighting scenarios.  PNTA also installed wireless DMX to minimize control cables in the space. 

A movable stage was constructed in order to provide a raised platform for easier viewing by the audience, and PNTA provided a custom stage skirt for a finished appearance.  

Type of Work: Drapery, Staging, Lighting Grid, Lighting and Audio/Video Systems

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