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Funko Headquarters

One of the leading creators of licensed pop culture products.

Funko is one of the leading creators and innovators of licensed pop culture products to a diverse range of consumers. Based in Everett, Washington, Funko re-located its headquarters to a historic 90,000 sq ft. building in downtown Everett in 2017 to accommodate 300 employees. The entire first floor is home to Funko’s 17,000-square-foot flagship store, which was designed as a hub where fans can gather, connect and experience something truly magical. PNTA was brought in to create unique lighting environments throughout the store, to help create an immersive environment that provides a more engaging experience for patrons. 

Type of Work: Architainment Lighting and Control

Our solution? PNTA designed both theatrical lighting environments for specific retail areas as well as customized spot lighting to highlight key character figurines throughout the retail store. In addition to specifying and installing the necessary lighting fixtures and related control systems, PNTA hung and focused all lighting fixtures, programmed one scene for each of the identified locations within the retail store, and provided training in the lighting control system for Funko staff. 


PNTA also specified and installed dimmable LED lighting for the stair areas running throughout all three floors of the building. Each flight of the staircase is demarcated with its own lighting effect.


Working closely with Funko’s design team, installed and programmed the architainment lighting to the satisfaction of all involved parties. When Funko later installed a new themed environment in the retail store, PNTA was once again engaged to work on the project as a return vendor.

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