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Art Installation at MadArt Studio by Alison Stigora

PNTA was tasked with constructing a fabric piece for a two-part, multi-sensory, sculptural installation at MadArt Studio in Seattle, WA.

Type of Work: Custom Fabric

Photography by James Harnois

PNTA had the opportunity recently to talk with Alison Stigora about her project, SALVAGE, and her experience with PNTA.

“Really, to me, the piece SALVAGE is about transformation. The title largely comes from the process. The pieces were gathered by the Army Corps of Engineers. They have a debris recovery vessel called the M/V Puget. One of its main goals is to keep the waterways clear in Puget Sound for shipping channel. And so, these logs are viewed as dangerous, I was really interested in this idea of these things that are viewed as blockage, what do we do with those places, you know, in our life when things are viewed as a block or an impediment? Here I'm able to take those materials and give them new life and create something beautiful out of them for people to experience.” 

Visitors of SALVAGE can explore the idea of constructs in life and contemplate what obstructions might exist on a personal or communal level.

“The first thing that stood out to me about MadArt’s space, is they have these two beautiful skylights that are this polygon shape. I knew that I wanted to do something building off of one of those and the light box, or the light well, that's coming off of one of the skylights. And so, the form that PNTA fabricated for me, it comes off of the architectures and then the curtain extends that shape. And the idea there was, I wanted to really create more of a definition around that space, basically a curtain around it that becomes like an immersive light room that you can walk into. A very smooth, soft surface, almost like ethereal feeling. It contrasts with the rough textures of the wood.”

PNTA successfully aided Alison on her quest to build her light box vision with sketches and samples. She had built a scale model which she brought into PNTA to help visualize her goals,.

“I just didn't even know where to start. We looked at the model and talked about it. Parker (PNTA's drape manager) was sewing up multiple samples in the middle of the conversation to show me how we could do the corners, and gave some different options, said, 'take this home and think about it.' I was then able to provide CAD drawings to that. Parker was able to build things like exactly to spec. It was exactly what I had asked for. It was perfect, right on the nose. And so to have their experience of working on that scale, not have it be an imitating thing, being able to craft fabric which has no inherent structure into something that becomes a structure was really just amazing.”

“I was just impressed by Parker; just amazing. Every step of the way, it was just super duper professional. I think they helped me discern what materials were best within my budget for this project and what I most appreciated about PNTA was just their willingness to dive in, have the conversation, and their interest in something that was unconventional. And yeah, as I mentioned, especially working with Parker, I was very impressed with the quality of work and the communication. It just was really amazing to be able to trust that to PNTA and know that it would be done in the way that I had hoped. My experience with them was really good. I would definitely recommend PNTA to other artists.”

You can experience Alison’s SALVAGE for yourself until November 23 at MadArt Studio (325 Westlake Ave N, #101Seattle, WA 98109) on Tuesday through Saturday, 12 – 5pm


You can find more on Alison at and on Instagram @alison_stigora


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