About Our Team.

6 key team members. Over 200 years of collective experience. Based in Seattle, Washington. Serving the Northwest region. Ready to serve. 

Systems Integration Team

Thomas Cowdery (He/Him/His)

Director of Systems Integration

Entertainment industry veteran Thomas Cowdery lead PNTA's Systems Integration team. Tom's over 30 years of experience in Theater, Entertainment, and Project Management allows the team to execute with increased efficiency. A journeyman stagehand, Tom has rigged in all the major venues in the Seattle area, including the Kingdome, CenturyLink Field, T-Mobile Park, and the Tacoma Dome. His motto is: “Together we can do anything.” 

ETCP Certified in Theatrical Rigging

Chris Cornelius (He/Him/His)

Project Manager

After seven years as a Software Engineer focused on mobile systems and audio content distribution, Chris returned to his roots backstage as a Project Manager for PNTA.  He's been designing and implementing theatrical systems since 2004, with particular expertise in audio, networking, and custom electronics.  Chris has also served as technical director in a number of venues, including a nightclub in Minnesota, a found space in California, and a black box studio theatre in Boston.


At PNTA, Chris brings an engineer’s eye to the design of technical systems: lighting, audio, video, rigging, and power control systems all rely on the same basic tenets.  Chris’s goal is to create systems that are safe, functional, maintainable, and fully meet customers' needs.

Richard Buckley (He/Him/His)

Senior Project Manager

Richard is the senior project manager specializing in rigging and lighting systems, with 10+ years of experience designing

theatrical systems.  Richard has been involved in the theatre at different levels for 30 years. Richard oversees the design and implementation of lighting and rigging projects in conjunction with this team. 


Factory-trained ETC Rigging Installer

Karl Triebs (He/Him/His)

Technical Onsite Specialist

Karl is PNTA’s creative technical problem-solver in chief. A graduate of Washington State University with a BA in Theatre, Karl has accumulated nearly 40 years’ experience in stage lighting and theatrical lighting control systems. Having worked as a Master Electrician at several local Seattle theatres (including Empty Space Theatre) before joining PNTA full-time, Karl’s hands-on experience with theatre technology over the decades provides him with a solid grounding with which he can solve problems with almost any theatrical system. Whether helping to keep an ancient Strand dimming system functioning or commissioning a new ETC Unison Paradigm Control System, fabricating unique rigging solutions for unconventional spaces, or integrating new lighting and audio equipment into existing systems, Karl’s technical wizardry in unmatched in the Pacific Northwest. 


ETC Authorized Service Provider

ETC Rigging Installer.

Shannon Saunders (She/Her/Hers)

Senior Project Manager of Drape Shop

Shannon Saunders is the senior Drape department project manager with 6+ years of experience building, designing and rigging draperies and has worked with PNTA for 10 years. Shannon designs the rigging and the softgoods for drape installations. She manages the drape manufacturing process as well to ensue PNTA’s high standards are maintained.

Raiden Dolen (He/Him/His)

Technical Commissioning Specialist

Raiden has over sixteen years’ experience in technical theatre, including a BA in Theatre from Nazareth College. Since joining PNTA’s Technical Services team in 2013, Raiden has achieved multiple designations from ETC, including those listed below. 

At PNTA, Raiden specializes in lighting controls, console training, lighting programming & design, and LED fixtures. Raiden also loves to chat about scenic painting & stage management.

ETC Authorized Service Provider

EOS Family Console Trainer (Levels I-III) 

Colorsource Trainer (All Levels) 

Mosaic Programmer

Management and Support

Richard Carlson

President & CEO

Deborah Krier

Head of Marketing

Ryan Grulich

Senior Vice President

Emilio Cerrillo

Photography & Graphic Design

Max Pagel

Vice President of Operations

Tommy Kwong


Asher Vast

Media Specialist

James Carter

Social Media Manager

Samantha Chang

Web Designer

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We at PNTA, acknowledge that we are on the traditional land of the first people of Seattle, the Duwamish People past and present, and honor with gratitude the land itself and the Duwamish Tribe.

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