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A showcase of our best work.


An architainment lighting case study for Funko.

PNTA has decades of experience (since 1975) and happy customers throughout the city of Seattle, in the greater Puget Sound area, and the even larger Pacific Northwest region. A licensed contractor and pre-approved PLA installer in both Washington and Oregon, we also frequently travel to Wyoming, Montana and Alaska to work on Systems Integration projects.


While we may not be as well-known as some of our larger competitors, our team of creative experts regularly display the ingenuity required to confidently take on and successfully complete highly customized projects. We operate our own drape shop, with stitchers on site, and employ local fabrication resources.


Our teams work closely with project engineers to ensure our installed solutions are safe. Most importantly, we work with the end customers to ensure their needs are met throughout the entire lifecycle of their venue, long after the initial installation has been completed.

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