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World Trade Center East Lobby

World Trade Center East is a 6-story mid-rise office building located in the Waterfront submarket of Downtown Seattle, Washington.

The World Trade Center East Lobby features an art installation that consists of a textured wall with 8 embedded linear LED lighting fixtures of varying lengths. The control system installed is ETC Mosaic, and the sculpture required programmed, dynamic lighting. The concept was to have the installation “twinkle”. PNTA's Technical Services department was engaged for the programming.  

Type of Work: Lighting & Control

Our solution? After making sure that the fixtures and controller were properly working together, PNTA created an array of “twinkles” to help steer the conversation with the designer. We find that having something to look at and guide the designer is more helpful in initial concept design. We chose several different approaches to the problem, using different effects & programming methods, and then tweaking them until they each looked organic, random, and unique.


PNTA presented 9 different choices to the client and had them provide feedback on how they felt about each. We narrowed the choices down to 3 different variations, and then changed them based on client feedback until perfected. In the end, we agreed on one design variation to be used daily, but with the option to override it and choose one of the other two. Some special events held in the lobby may need a bolder or more subtle touch than what we wanted the piece to look like on a typical day.  

The finished installation plays one effect every weekday on an automatic schedule to match business hours. It is programmed such that it requires no input from the client, making the solution easy for use. It also has several override functions, which allow for special events that might take place around or through the normally designated on/off hours. The override buttons are programmed into the Mosaic touchscreen which controls the lighting installation.


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