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Shoreline Community College

A project for Shoreline Community College in partnership with the Seattle International Film Festival.

Shoreline Community College approached PNTA as a result of its desired partnership with Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF). The college loved the acoustics of their theater for live performance, but SIFF found the acoustics overly live for film screenings.

Type of Work: Drapery

Our solution? PNTA proposed movable acoustic house curtains be installed. Depending on the type of performance being staged, the curtains would be opened or closed to increase or decrease the hard surfaces of the space, adjusting the acoustics of the room accordingly. After color matching the fabric to the existing grand drape, movable curtains were built and installed along all the house walls. A brick half-wall ran the length of the room. To keep with the new aesthetic as well as maximize the dampening effect, matching drapes were permanently installed to cover the brick. Each section of the geometrically shaped room had panels custom designed for each tier. During the installation process, PNTA custom notched the curtains on site, accommodating doorways, exit signs and other architectural features which required continued exposure. The project was completed on time and on budget.

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