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Meet Shannon Saunders, Senior Drape Shop Manager in Systems Integration

My name is Shannon Saunders and I am Senior Project Manager, specifically in the Drape Department. I've been PNTA for just over 10 years and PNTA was the my first job out of high school. I started doing theater tech in high school and fell in love with it and wanted to have a career in it. PNTA hired me to do sales. I've made my way through different departments until landing as manager or senior project manager in the department.

I knew how to sew before coming to PNTA, but I didn't know how to use industrial sewing machines. I didn't know how to build a curtain. I was trained here at how to build and that gives me a lot of knowledge on how the finished product is going to look once it's hanging. I create meaningful relationships with the customer by listening to them, addressing what they need, asking questions, talking about their productions, and what their experiences are in theater so they feel like they're heard as a person. PNTA is unique because it is a one stop shop for any production.


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