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Meet Raiden Dolan, Tech Services in Systems Integration

My name is Ryan Dolan and I work in technical services at PNTA. I've been working at PNTA for almost eight years now. I started doing theater production in high school. So, naturally I went to college with the VA in Theater, and then I just jumped right into the field and then landed at PNTA.

I started as an overhire, then I was in the warehouse for a couple of months. Then as luck would have it, there was an opening in tech services, which is where I wanted to go next with my career. Karl took me under his wing and I've gone from there.

A lot of folks will call up and say, my light isn't working. That seems like an easy, simple problem. But they're calling us because it's not. Because of modern lighting system is complex and has many different facets, many different parts of this problem that can break down. They're encountering their first problem. They're needing new equipment. They're calling us first because they remember the experience they had in training, even if it's small, even if it's big. Give me a call.


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