New Beginnings Christian Fellowship

New Beginnings Christian Fellowship is a church located in Kent, Washington.

New Beginnings Christian Fellowship is a church located in Kent, Washington. The church had purchased LED tape and drivers to enhance the lighting of the crosses displayed in the sanctuary but found the installation of the tape was not particularly straightforward. Additionally, the tape was not fitting closely to the contours of the crosses. PNTA's Technical Services team was approached to finish the installation.  

Type of Work: Lighting & Control

Our solution? In a few hours’ time onsite over the course of an afternoon and the following morning, a PNTA technician installed the tape.  It turned out that the corners of the crosses were too tight a radius to simply bend or bridge the tape, so our technician cut and spliced the tape with several small soldered cables at each corner.  The corners of the cross where there was only wire and no LED actually looked much better than if the LED had gone all the way around, as the corners would have been much brighter than the rest of the cross.

At the end of the installation, PNTA's technician took a few moments to patch the LED tape into the console for the client, saving the client the hassle of figuring out available addresses and how best to patch them.  Our technician also provided the client a few quick tips and tricks about a few functions of his lighting console to help speed up the programming process for them.  The previous backlighting for the crosses had not been RGB, so taking a moment to expand upon the client’s knowledge of color programming at the console was certainly worth the extra time.

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We at PNTA, acknowledge that we are on the traditional land of the first people of Seattle, the Duwamish People past and present, and honor with gratitude the land itself and the Duwamish Tribe.

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