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Mixer StudioOne

A live streaming studio for, a project of Microsoft.

Mixer StudioOne is the live streaming studio for, a project of Microsoft. Microsoft asked us to convert an existing office space with 9’ ceilings into two film studios for the online streaming studio. The studio also had to be designed to meet Microsoft's strict sustainability and low-carbon guidelines.


Our solution? PNTA designed a Unistrut grid to be installed flush to the lowest part of the ceiling, maximizing the usable height of the space. The installation was complicated because the plenum space above the drop ceiling was only 2’ and contained large amounts of utilities and HVAC.


PNTA supplied low-profile studio lighting fixtures and control that provided appropriate illumination for video production while fitting nicely into the limited space. The power for the studio lighting was designed as a relay system, allowing the entire lighting grid to be turned off with a single switch. This solved the problem of vampire power drain, cutting energy usage and prolonging the life of the equipment.

The project was delivered both on time and on budget.

Type of Work: Light Grids, Lighting System

Products Used: 

Rosco Braq Cubes

Rosco Silk LED Panels

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