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Mixed Reality Capture Studios

A portable holographic studio space.

Microsoft contacted PNTA to help them make their holographic video studio portable. The issues involved in the project were daunting.


Our solution? We had to come up with a way to take what had been set up in a permanent studio and take it on the road – knowing that many of the locations the gear would have to travel to were not studios. We had to answer questions like, how do we take 65 servers, rack them up, supply power, protect them from dirty power and make them stackable for a truck? We had to figure out how to make a structure that would lift overhead lighting and cameras without interfering with the volumetric 3D capture requirements of the studio. Finally, since this was to be a portable studio, we needed to design the system with enough flexibility to accommodate a multitude of potential physical spaces with widely-varying power sources.

The power distribution system for the portable studio includes multiple tie-ins in order to accommodate a wide variety of potential power inputs, from portable generators to company switches and everything in between. Because of the variability in power sources, the system was designed with power conditioners to ensure only clean power was feeding into the servers, lighting and the high-end camera equipment attached to the rig.  

PNTA used a combination of products from LEX Products, Middle Atlantic Products, Furman, and Wilson Case, as well as custom-design products assembled in-house. PNTA successfully completed the design and build in close communication with the project’s principals on time and on budget.

Type of Work: Mobile Truss Structure, Mobile Power Distribution System

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